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Hospice Care at Home in Scarsdale, NY

Hospice Care at Home in Scarsdale, NY

At Jansen, we offer a range of services including hospice care in the comfort of your home. To find out if you qualify and to get more information, contact us.

Qualifying for Hospice Care at Home in Scarsdale, NY

There are three main situations that primary care doctors resort to recommending hospice care:

  1. When things have not improved – If treatment is not working and the state of the patient is not improving, the patient may be referred for at-home or inpatient hospice care.
  2. Care goals have shifted – When a patient comes to the realization that they are not getting better, they may want to continue care but outside of the hospital setting. Many prefer to be comfortable in their home while still receiving care.
  3. Acute health event – When things like a heart attack or stroke happen, patients may require end-of-life care but prefer to have it spent outside of the hospital.

What to Expect with at Home Hospice Care in Scarsdale, NY

When it comes to at-home hospice care with Jansen, you’re in control. You can count on the hospice team to bring the utmost care to you or your loved one. You can expect…

  • The chaplain and social worker to provide emotional and spiritual support (if needed) during this difficult time.
  • 24-hour on-call services and assistance, so we are always available for our patients and their families.
  • Therapies – physical, occupational and speech therapies, as needed for symptom management.
  • Individual team members to visit during their scheduled care time.
  • Medical equipment to be delivered.
  • Any and all medications to be delivered.
  • Information to help you manage the patient’s symptoms and illness when our professionals aren’t present.

Read a review from a former hospice care patient’s loved one:

“This place and the workers are truly a blessing. I can never repay them for the help and support that they gave me with my mom. While no other company wanted to take my mom’s case they were the only ones willing to take it. They stood by me thru all the trials and tribulations and I could’ve never done that transition without them eternally grateful”.

To learn more about how our at-home hospice care providers in Scarsdale, NY can help your loved one in their final stage of life call 914-787-6158.

What is Hospice Care in Bronxville, NY?

At Jansen, we pride ourselves on offering a range of services to fit your loved one’s stage in life. Whether that be hospice or palliative care, we’re here for you and your family through the process.

Hospice Care in Bronxville, NY Broken Down:

Hospice is care (not cure) for those facing a life-limiting illness. Providers can offer medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support either in the patient’s home or in a hospice center like Jansen.

Hospice care focuses on providing a life well lived when a patient is experiencing a life-limiting illness. Hospice affirms life but does not try to postpone the end of it when that time comes. This process usually begins when the diagnosed disease is deemed incurable.

Different Levels of Hospice Care in Bronxville, NYHospice Care in New York

There are four levels of hospice care, and knowing these are critical when deciding which is best for you or your loved one based on the conditions at hand.

  • Hospice Care at Home – This is the first level of hospice care and happens once the patient has accepted care. Here they will receive routine care to help increase their comfort and quality of life. This can include pain management, symptom management, emotional counseling, spiritual counseling, assistance with daily tasks, and overall health services. This is usually intermittent care.
  • Continuous Care – Also called crisis care, this can be necessary when patients are needing more intensive management with their symptoms. This is round-the-clock nursing or extended periods of time with a nurse present and ready for a medical crisis.
  • Inpatient Care – This is implemented when the patient’s symptoms can not be managed from the home. When/if symptoms can be managed and stabilized in the inpatient center, then the patient can return home.
  • Respite Care – These are occasional stays that can provide a break for families and loved ones that are taking care of the patient at home while simultaneously giving the patient the correct symptom management.

Why you should choose Jansen for your hospice care needs:

“Jansen made an unbearable experience somewhat bearable. My wife of 52 years went into hospice at home on August 4 and died on August 29 from metastatic breast cancer. The moment we agreed with the doctors to end chemo and move to hospice, Jansen took over. Social Worker Deb Hanley organized everything. Nurse Marcia Roberts was available at all times and made sure that we had all the necessary medicines and equipment before we knew that we needed them. The aides who came to our home every day were all both kind and competent. I had never heard of Jansen before the staff at Lawrence Hospital introduced us. I do not know how to say thank you any better than writing this 5-star review”.

To learn more about how our hospice care providers can help your loved one in their final stage of life call 914-787-6158.

This place changed everything for my family. We struggled with caring for my mom at home for 5 years and when they arrived it was like angels singing... Our social worker - Jody and our RN Violeta - made my mom comfortable and cared not only for her, but for our family as if we were their own. They were kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend them!!!

— Jody