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Best Hospice in Westchester: Who You Should Trust with End of Life Care

Best Hospice in Westchester: Who You Should Trust with End of Life Care

Jansen Hospice is proud to offer high-quality hospice in Westchester for your loved one’s final stages of life.

Choosing the Best Hospice in Westchesterwestchester hospice care, hands holding

Jansen Hospice provides care for patients who need help managing life-limiting or terminal illnesses. We are proud to specialize in reducing suffering and pain, managing emotional needs, and providing comfort to enhance one’s quality of life.

Our hospice facilities and services include home hospice, a skilled nursing facility, hospice at an assisted living facility, or in a local New-York Presbyterian contracted hospital.

Jansen has served the Westchester and Northern Bronx communities since 1984 and is affiliated with New York-Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital. Through this affiliation, Jansen Hospice has access to amazing end-of-life care resources. Additionally, Jansen offers the most advanced treatments and medications available to keep patients as physically comfortable as possible.

What Hospice Services Does Jansen Hospice Provide?

Unlike many Westchester hospice programs, Jansen has a committed Board of Directors that consistently raises capital for unique programs that help Jansen patients and their families. This allows us to help our patients with everything they need.

Some hospice services provided by Jansen can include:

  • 24-hour on-call services and assistance, so we are always available for our patients and their families
  • Skilled nursing care and visits from a registered nurse who formulates the hospice plan of care in communication with the patient’s physician, including arrangement for medications, supplies, equipment, and additional services as needed
  • Certified home health aides who provide care and assistance with personal needs
  • A medical director who is responsible for overall medical care and planning, with an emphasis on symptom control and pain management
  • Certified social workers who assist with resource and care planning, in addition to providing emotional support

If these services are what you are looking for, Jansen might be the hospice and palliative care provider for you.

Who Provides the Best Hospice Care in Westchester to My Loved One?

Jansen Hospice’s team includes:

  1. A medical doctor certified in Hospice and Palliative Care who works with the patient’s primary care doctor to manage symptoms.
  2. Registered Nurses (RN) are experienced in coordinating plans of care, pain and symptom management, and more.
  3. Certified Home Health Aides (HHA) trained in end-of-life care and assistance with personal care needs.
  4. A Certified Chaplain who provides spiritual care for patients and families.
  5. On-Call Services with registered nurses who assist with questions and concerns and provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  6. Medical Social workers help make sure a patient’s end-of-life wishes are met and provide emotional support to the patient and family.

More Reasons Jansen Hospice is the Best Hospice Option in Westchester

Jansen not only offers typical hospice services such as medical care but also offers bereavement services and complementary care to our patients and their families. Through our complementary care program, we provide a wide range of therapeutic services, including massages, guided imagery, art therapy, reiki, music, acupuncture, and pet therapy.

To learn more about Jansen Hospice and how we provide the best hospice in Westchester, please call us at 914-787-6158.

Everything You Need to Know About Westchester, NY Hospice

If someone you love is in need of hospice care, you may not know where to look for the services you need. Finding the right place that goes above and beyond your expectations can be challenging. This can also be a very emotional time, and you may become overwhelmed with questions and uncertainty.

That is why Jansen Hospice is here to help you in every way imaginable.

What Are The Different Types of Westchester, NY Hospice Care?Westchester NY Hospice Care, man holding the sun

Many different kinds of hospice care are available based on the needs of the patient.

  • Routine Hospice Care: Hospice care is provided in the patient’s home or residence and includes skilled nursing and assisted living facilities
  • Respite Care: This is when patients are transported from their home to a Medicare-approved facility for up to five days to allow the primary caregiver respite from the daily stress of caring for a loved one.
  • Continuous Care: This is a time-limited benefit offered only during a crisis. An LPN or RN remains with the patient for 8-24-hours to provide continuous monitoring, assessment, and medication administration to achieve comfort. This type of care must be approved by the Hospice Patient Care Coordinator and Medical Director.
  • General Inpatient Hospice: Hospice care is provided in the hospital and is a short-term option. This can be used when a patient’s symptoms cannot be managed in any other setting.

Is My Loved One Eligible for Westchester, NY Hospice Care with Jansen Hospice?

Hospice care is meant for patients with a life-limiting illness and a diagnosis of six months or less to live. Jansen keeps these considerations in mind and serves individuals living in Westchester County or The Bronx who are faced with an advanced illness with a limited prognosis. These illnesses can include but are not limited to heart failure, COPD, kidney disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and more.

Who Pays for Hospice?

Typically, hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans. Regardless of financial resources, Jansen has and will continue to provide exceptional hospice care to everyone patient in need of it.

If you or your loved one do not have insurance and would like further information, our expert Westchester, NY hospice team would be happy to assist you.

Westchester, NY Hospice Care Reviews

At Jansen Hospice, our staff takes great care in making sure every patient feels comfortable and every family knows their loved one is in great hands.

Below is a testimonial to our work from a member of our community.

Jansen made an unbearable experience somewhat bearable. My wife of 52 years went into hospice at home on August 4 and died on August 29 from metastatic breast cancer. The moment we agreed with the doctors to end chemo and move to hospice, Jansen took over. Social Worker Deb Hanley organized everything. Nurse Marcia Roberts was available at all times and made sure that we had all the necessary medicines and equipment before we knew that we needed them. The aides who came to our home every day were all both kind and competent. I had never heard of Jansen before the staff at Lawrence Hospital introduced us. I do not know how to say thank you any better than writing this 5-star review. — William

To learn more about the services we offer and how our Westchester, NY hospice care services can help your loved one, please call us at 914-787-6158.

Navigating Options for Palliative Care in Westchester NY

Compassionate Care: nurturing the body, mind, and spirit with palliative care in Westchester

westchester hospice care, hands holdingAt Jansen Hospice & Palliative Care, we collaborate with New York Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital and the Lawrence Home Care of Westchester, standing alongside our patients throughout their palliative care journey. Our commitment extends to tending to their entire being–body, mind, and spirit.

Our dedication begins at the moment of diagnosis and extends beyond, offering both inpatient and outpatient services. Our care teams actively work with healthcare professionals to:

  • Support your treatment
  • Enhance your comfort
  • Maintain your quality of life
  • Foster hope and family connection

Our utmost priority is ensuring our patients and their families are being properly supported and are as comfortable as possible during this journey.

Enhancing quality of life: what is palliative care in Westchester County?

We understand that facing a serious illness affects not only the body, but every aspect of life. Palliative care in Westchester focuses on alleviating various symptoms that arise from a serious or chronic illness, including fatigue, pain, and distress. This mode of care proves most effective in the early stages of treatment.

We assemble a personalized team of doctors, nurses, social workers, and chaplains dedicated to meeting all your needs. We make personal preferences and healthcare goals as much of a priority as we do treatments. Palliative care allows individuals to focus on living as fully and comfortably as possible regardless of their condition.

We help improve the quality of life for our patients and our patients’ families. Beyond our core team, we draw upon a network of specialists including physical therapists, psychiatrists, ethics experts, and more to provide tailored support whenever required.

Committed to you: palliative care in Westchester, NY

At Jansen Hospice & Palliative Care, we stand by you and are committed to providing compassionate care that uplifts the spirit, cares for the mind, and supports your physical being. We are here on this journey with you, navigating towards comfort, hope, and healing.

If you are looking for palliative care in Westchester, Jansen Hospice & Palliative Care is here to help. Contact us for more information.

This place changed everything for my family. We struggled with caring for my mom at home for 5 years and when they arrived it was like angels singing... Our social worker - Jody and our RN Violeta - made my mom comfortable and cared not only for her, but for our family as if we were their own. They were kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend them!!!

— Jody