Navigating Options for Palliative Care in Westchester NY

Compassionate Care: nurturing the body, mind, and spirit with palliative care in Westchester

westchester hospice care, hands holdingAt Jansen Hospice & Palliative Care, we collaborate with New York Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital and the Lawrence Home Care of Westchester, standing alongside our patients throughout their palliative care journey. Our commitment extends to tending to their entire being–body, mind, and spirit.

Our dedication begins at the moment of diagnosis and extends beyond, offering both inpatient and outpatient services. Our care teams actively work with healthcare professionals to:

  • Support your treatment
  • Enhance your comfort
  • Maintain your quality of life
  • Foster hope and family connection

Our utmost priority is ensuring our patients and their families are being properly supported and are as comfortable as possible during this journey.

Enhancing quality of life: what is palliative care in Westchester County?

We understand that facing a serious illness affects not only the body, but every aspect of life. Palliative care in Westchester focuses on alleviating various symptoms that arise from a serious or chronic illness, including fatigue, pain, and distress. This mode of care proves most effective in the early stages of treatment.

We assemble a personalized team of doctors, nurses, social workers, and chaplains dedicated to meeting all your needs. We make personal preferences and healthcare goals as much of a priority as we do treatments. Palliative care allows individuals to focus on living as fully and comfortably as possible regardless of their condition.

We help improve the quality of life for our patients and our patients’ families. Beyond our core team, we draw upon a network of specialists including physical therapists, psychiatrists, ethics experts, and more to provide tailored support whenever required.

Committed to you: palliative care in Westchester, NY

At Jansen Hospice & Palliative Care, we stand by you and are committed to providing compassionate care that uplifts the spirit, cares for the mind, and supports your physical being. We are here on this journey with you, navigating towards comfort, hope, and healing.

If you are looking for palliative care in Westchester, Jansen Hospice & Palliative Care is here to help. Contact us for more information.