Taking Care of Loved Ones with Terminal Care at Home in Westchester, NY

Providing comfort and care for your loved one during terminal care at home in Westchester County, NY

Two people holding handsHere at Jansen, we have been providing exceptional private hospice in Westchester County for over 35 years. We consider our patients and their loved ones family, and do our best to deliver the highest quality care during the last stages of life.

What is Westchester hospice care?

Westchester private hospice care is the experience in which individuals facing life-threatening illnesses who have been given a certain amount of time left to live are placed into pain management care in the comfort of their own home. The maximum length of eligibility for hospice is 6 months. Patients needing longer care would fall into palliative care, which can last up to several years.

The goal of hospice care is to ease as much stress, discomfort, and pain as possible. This is done through a combination of medical practices and complementary care performed by our team of medical doctors, registered nurses, certified home health aides, certified Chaplain, and medical social worker.

What services are provided during terminal care at home in Westchester, NY?

In order to support the patient emotionally, medically, and spiritually, our team provides the following services:

  • 24-hour on-call services and assistance
  • Medical director who is responsible for overall medical care and planning
  • Skilled nursing care and visits from a registered nurse who formulates the hospice plan of care in communication with the patient’s physician
  • Certified home health aides who provide care and assistance with personal needs
  • Certified social workers who assist with resource and care planning, in addition to providing emotional support
  • Spiritual counseling for all faith communities
  • Bereavement counseling including individual and group support
  • Specially trained volunteers who provide companionship and assistance with daily living, friendly support, and respite care for caregivers
  • Medications for symptom management and pain control
  • Medical supplies and equipment, as needed
  • Therapies – physical, occupational and speech therapies, as needed for symptom management
  • Short-term inpatient and respite care for up to five days at contracted facilities
  • Nutritional counseling for our patients
  • Complementary care including:
    • Acupuncture: Stimulation of anatomical points on the body in order to ease pain.
    • Reflexology: The application of pressure, stretch and movement to break up patterns of stress, promote relaxation, and decrease pain.
    • Art Therapy: Artistic self-expression helps to resolve conflicts, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, increase self-esteem, increase self-awareness, and achieve insight.
    • Reiki:  Japanese technique administered by “laying on hands” for stress reduction and relaxation.
    • Pet Therapy: Animals provide a constant source of comfort,  focus for attention, safety, and acceptance
    • Therapeutic: Promotes relaxation, may reduce pain, and supports a sense of well being.
    • Acoustic/Music Relaxation: Reduces blood pressure, relieves anxiety, provides a way to release emotions, provides a way to express feelings, augments pain management, provides distraction, and reduces stress.
    • Aromatherapy: Used for the relief of pain, care for the skin, alleviate tension and fatigue and invigorate the entire body.
    • Massage Therapy: Promotes the integration of the whole mind-body-spirit, resulting in a calmer mind and clearer thinking.

Why should you choose Jansen Hospice & Palliative Care to take care of your loved one?

We believe our client’s experiences speak for themselves. Read some of our hospice care reviews below:

Jansen made an unbearable experience somewhat bearable. My wife of 52 years went into hospice at home on August 4 and died on August 29 from metastatic breast cancer. The moment we agreed with the doctors to end chemo and move to hospice, Jansen took over. Social Worker Deb Hanley organized everything. Nurse Marcia Roberts was available at all times and made sure that we had all the necessary medicines and equipment before we knew that we needed them. The aides who came to our home every day were all both kind and competent. I had never heard of Jansen before the staff at Lawrence Hospital introduced us. I do not know how to say thank you any better than writing this 5-star review.” – William H.

This place changed everything for my family. We struggled with caring for my mom at home for 5 years and when they arrived it was like angels singing… Our social worker – Jody and our RN Violeta – made my mom comfortable and cared not only for her, but for our family as if we were their own. They were kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend them!!!” – Jody R.

This place and the workers are truly a blessing. I can never repay them for the help and support that they gave me with my mom.While no other company wanted to take my moms case they were the only ones willing to take it. They stood by me thru all the trails and tribulations and I could’ve never done that transition without them eternally grateful” – Anasia A.

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